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CASA Programs in Missouri

There are currently 24 local CASA programs throughout Missouri. These programs serve in 56 counties and 27 judicial circuits (basically just the districts that county courts are grouped into). Local CASA programs engage with their communities to recruit, screen, and train volunteers to advocate for children who have experienced abuse or neglect. Best-interest advocacy for children starts with the collaboration of the local CASA programs and caring community members who want to make a difference. 

Starting a Local CASA Program

At the Missouri CASA Association, we believe that every child deserves to have a best-interest advocate by their side. We would like for CASA programs to provide services in every county and judicial circuit of our state. We are eager to work with local community members, child welfare partners, and the judiciary to start CASA programs in unserved parts of the state. 

Classmates in Library

Laura Farmer, Executive Director

CASA of Southwest Missouri

Local Program Directors

Local CASA programs come in all shapes and sizes, but their leaders are all unified in one goal: to provide effective services to children through engaged and dedicated volunteers, who are supported and supervised by caring staff members. Their titles vary from President & CEO to CASA Coordinator, but their leadership is evident within their communities and throughout our state. Missouri CASA staff members rely on the local program directors to be the faces and voices of their programs. 

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