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37th Judicial Court Appointed Special Advocates Executive Director Job Description – January, 2018

37th Judicial Court Appointed Special Advocates (“CASA”) – Executive Director Job Description

Our mission is to advocate for every abused or neglected child in State care so that they can be safe,
have a permanent home and the opportunity to thrive.
The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for the overall management of the agency and all aspects of the agency’s operations.
They report and are accountable to the 37th Judicial CASA Board of Directors. The Executive Director works with the Board to set the
strategy for CASA and implements plans to ensure the mission of our agency is fulfilled and we are secure financially for a successful
Key Job Responsibilities
Resource Development and Maintenance
 Research and prepare grant proposals and other funding applications. Minimum: United Way, Victims of Crime Act,
Missouri CASA, National CASA, Community Foundation of the Ozarks. Prepares reports as required by each grant or contract.
 Maintain a donor base and tracking system for both monetary and non-monetary resources.
 Chair and champion of fundraising committee, working with the Board and other volunteer resources (develops nonadvocate
volunteer base).
Agency Program Planning and Execution
 Attend training (as soon as classes are available) and supervise 10-15 volunteer advocates, with direction from the
Volunteer Coordinator.
 Meet weekly with program staff (Volunteer Coordinator(s), Office Staff) to determine and discuss problems and plans
involving volunteers (recruitment, training, screening, and supervision) and deliverables of our mission.
 Meet regularly with Court, Juvenile Office, Guardian Ad Litem, and Children’s Division staff, keeping all informed of relevant
activities, issues, and problem-solving.
 Develop and maintain relationships with sister agencies: United Way, Birthday Blessings, Chaffee, etc.
 Develop and implement strategic plans to ensure agency health; 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year timeframes. Review and report
to the Board agency progress in comparison to goals and objectives set to meet the strategic plans.
 Assure agency compliance with National and Missouri CASA standards (e.g., policies and procedures compliant; audit
 Attend and work with National and Missouri CASA through required conference and meeting attendance.
Community and Public Relations, with the Volunteer Coordinator as partner
 Develop and implement a strategy for public relations with the purpose of recruiting volunteers, increasing public
awareness of the CASA program, and establishing community and corporate supporters of our program.
 Create and/or oversee the timely development and release of press packets (website updates, print newspaper, radio PSAs,
social media (FB), etc.) and public relations material used to increase public awareness of our needs (donors, volunteers).
 Develop and implement a public speaking engagement strategy (churches, civic organizations, etc.) with the goal of
recruiting new volunteers and developing new donors.
Personnel Management
 Hire and supervise administrative and management staff.
 Write and revise, as necessary, the job descriptions for all staff (except Executive Director).
 Prepare and deliver annual performance evaluations and development plans (oral and written) for all staff.
Board of Directors Liaison
Executive Director Project (cont.) 37th Judicial CASA
 Develop and deliver a Board pre-read packet at least one week in advance of the Board meeting. Includes: financial
reporting, highlights, and issues required for Board action. Works with the Board President to develop the meeting’s agenda.
Attends all Board meetings.
 Oversees implementation of all Board directives, policies and procedures.
 Serves as liaison between the Board and agency staff.
 Keeps Board apprised of agency operations, changes, and problems.
 Monitors Board/Committee activities and attends Committee meetings (Personnel, Finance, and Fundraising).
 Assists Board orientation for all new Board members.
Fiscal Management
 Manages day-to-day fiscal operations.
 Submits monthly and quarterly financial reports and retains documentation to substantiate those reports.
 Receives bills, pays invoices and updates the accounting system with oversight by the treasurer and within the scope of
responsibility as granted by the Board (e.g., authorized spending limit, paying regular bills, etc.).
 Works with the Treasurer to develop the agency’s annual budget and required preparation/participation with audits.
Candidates have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or relevant work experience; advanced degrees in Business or Public
Administration, social work, psychology, or related areas are a bonus. Must demonstrate strong skills in fiscal management,
leadership, personnel management, resource development and maintenance, agency and program planning, and public relations.
Previous experience working with volunteers and non-profit agencies, and knowledge and understanding of child abuse and neglect,
families in crisis, and other social services skills are given priority. Other skills required: computer (document creation and
storage/word processing, worksheets, QuickBooks, etc.), grant writing, and fundraising. Must be self-motivated, with high moral
and ethical standards, and have excellent judgment. Must be able to work evenings/weekends occasionally, when necessary.
Continuous education (12 hours annually) is a requirement.
In our area, understanding culture is critical in effective public outreach. Culture can be more than age, race, ethnicity, gender,
sexual orientation, or religion. Equally or sometimes even more important domains include knowledge (or lack thereof),
attitude/viewpoint, skills, values, practices, beliefs, economics, multi-generational history with the area, and “townie” vs. remote
rural. From our Board, our staff, and our volunteers, effective advocacy is based on a true understanding of the children and the
environment from which they come or have been thrust into as wards of the State. This also is evident in our challenge at times to
coordinate effectively benefits across social services (Children’s Division; Juvenile Office) as these organizations can have their own
internal “cultures” as well. Effective, culturally sensitive services to our children are ultimately at the interface between our
volunteer advocates and our children, but the tone and precedent is set from our organization’s leadership.


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