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Champion for Children Tax Credit

Invest in Missouri’s future and increase the power of charitable giving with the Champion for Children Tax Credit

  • Donors who give $100 or more to the Missouri CASA Association are eligible to apply for Missouri’s Champion for Children Tax Credit.
  • A credit may be claimed in an amount equal to 50% of a contribution made.
  • The minimum credit issued will not be less than $50.
  • Any amount of tax credit which exceeds the tax due or which is applied for and otherwise eligible for issuance but not issue may be carried forward to the next four subsequent taxable years.
  • Please contact the Missouri Department of Revenue, Tax Bureau with further questions. Email: ┬á, Phone (573) 526-8733 (for individual tax) / (573) 751-4541 (for business tax).

Examples of Donor’s Out-of-Pocket Costs Table

Please check back later to see the updated Champion for Children Tax Credit table…